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Three days of Italian lifestyle, wellness and gastronomy in the wonderful setting of the Ligurian Riviera.


Since 1984 Assoshipping has been at the service of the most prestigious yachts staying in Elba. Thanks to its years of experience, competence and professionalism, Assoshipping is your point of reference for a secure, enjoyable and stress-free stay in the historical heart of the island of Elba.

Viale Elba, 28
57037 Portoferraio - Isola d'Elba (LI) assoshipping.it

Founded in 1984 by Capt. Mario Lanera, the Assoshipping agency boasts many years of experience in the shipping sector, synonymous of an efficient and professional service.

Managing embarkation rolls, motor-fishing, safety tests (RINA) and visits, sale and hire of boats, nautical licenses and much more, since 1990 the company has provided assistance to superyachts, reserving berths and organizing excursions, taking the time to ensure that hosts and crew have an enjoyable stay on Elba.

The Assoshipping agency is characterized by its constant engagement at the service of customers, who appreciate its maximum seriousness and professionalism. Our mission is to completely satisfy the expectations of our business clients, who include Pesto Sea Group, Luise Associates, BWA Group, Blamar, Catalano Agent. Our operating zone includes the Island of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago with the ports of Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Marciana Marina, Capraia, Giglio and, with a special authorisation, Pianosa.

Farmacia Operaia San Giorgio

Farmacia Operaia San Giorgio is a specialty pharmacy that has dealt in naval supplies for more than 20 years, taking care both of new supply or replenishing necessary for any sea route.
All products are put in technical rucksacks, shrink-wrapped and labelled as the Flag requests.

Farmacia Operaia San Giorgio
Via S. Giorgio, 9,
16128 Genova

Farmacia Operaia San Giorgio is located in the historical centre of Genoa in front of the Porto Antico and is specialized in supplies for all sorts of vessels, both Italian and foreign, checking infirmaries and delivering medicines on board, including narcotics, with the help of highly skilled and helpful professionals so as to offer the best service possible.

Through a modern remote management of the products present on board, we can manage to check expiry dates directly with our software, so as to make life simpler for the crew in terms of dynamic management of the on board medical inventory.

Thanks to our relationship with one of the largest European cosmetics companies, we can also prepare personalised products of any sort. The exceptionally high quality of the materials that we use allows our clients to have their own creams, serums, detergents, sun creams and complementary cosmetic items, all with extremely high quality, personalised with their logo on the product.

Flessing Cocchella

Flessing Cocchella is an historical company in Genoa, famous for the production and sale of mattresses. The company has been working in this field for more than 40 years.

Via Tortosa 92
16139 Genova materassiflessing.it

Flessing Cocchella started off as a workshop, which is still the flagship location for the group. The company produces every kind of mattress, standard or bespoke, as well as orthopaedic solutions and metallic nets.


In addition to selling a wide range of artisan products made in-house, the Flessing Cocchella group sells the best mattress brands, such as Tempur, Pirelli, Sealy and Simmons.


The Flessing Group, together with its historical base in Genoa’s Marassi district also has a sales base in Sturla, on the eastern part of town.

Foglizzo 1921

Heir of the best Italian tradition, Foglizzo has successfully connected past, present and future, promoting an exceptional tradition of craft, innovation and creativity to create beautiful, unique leather, to enhance the value of environments designed by our clients.

Via Forlì, 164
10149 Torino (TO) foglizzo.com

Heir of the best Italian tradition, Foglizzo has successfully architected the very best solutions to meet the needs and enhance the value of environments designed by our clients. We works with industry design leaders in the field of art, architecture, interior design and textiles to get inspired and delivers beautiful leather.

The creation of bespoke leather to fit one’s most sophisticated desires is part of our DNA. Connecting past, present and future, we continue an exceptional tradition of craft, innovation and creativity to create beautiful, unique leather.

Atelier is the Foglizzo artisanal laboratory created with the aim to find new creative expressions of leather, its primary focus is developing fresh, innovative expressions of leather to answer the demand for meaningful creations in which quality, creativity and authenticity are essential.

The latest addiction to the Foglizzo activities is the division Domus, a new challenge to design and handcraft exceptional products characterised by the best Foglizzo leather, artful engineering and enduring form, symbolizing ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship at its best.
Each piece is carefully handcrafted by expert Italian artisans who combine time-honoured and sophisticated techniques to ensure precision and superlative quality.


For more than forty years, Interform has operated in shipyards and building sites, with a tried and tested technical and a tradition of quality that is rare for a company able to complete great accomplishments.

Via S. Zita 9 11R
16129 Genova interformlinea.it

The quality of products and services and the range of innovative materials on offer makes Interform the best partner for designers and companies seeking solutions to their research connected with finishing details and interior decoration.

Interform is also present in furnishings sector, with an elegant store in the centre of Genoa offering an unparalleled selection of carpets, wallpaper, wooden flooring, vinyl and rubber floor coverings, decorative and technical paneling and covering and furnishing fabrics from all the most famous names.

An infinite source of modernization and inspiration for Designers and all other professionals operating in the sector combined with a rapid consultancy and installation service.

Lexus - GT Motor

Waiting for company info – coming soon!

MA.RI.GE. S.R.L. - Sea Lift Division

MA.RI.GE. Srl has been involved in the design, installation and maintenance of elevators for more than thirty years, especially in the nautical sector. Thanks to our team of professionals, we are able to provide a turnkey service for lifting systems on any scale.

Via Archimede 173 / R
16142 Genoa (GE) marige.it

MA.RI.GE. S.r.l. provides a full range of services in compliance with the UNI ISO 8383, UNI 81-20 UNI 81-50 regulations as well as with other laws currently in effect.


These are the main services we offer, always guaranteeing a high level of quality:

Maintenance: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance programs and services for all lift brands as required by elevator rules ISO 8383. Upon the Ship Owner request, we provide an annual maintenance inspection, mainly consisting in a detailed safety check as well as a complete maintenance of the elevator itself. We are able to issue the Inspection Certificate requested by law.

Intervention on request: upon request, we do technical interventions to solve elevator problems all over the world. 

Design and Installation: we design customized lifting plants (elevators, dumbwaiters) in conformity to all technical and aesthetical requirements of both the Ship-owner and the Shipyard, fully compliant to the referent Ship’s Register (water tight, fire resistant, ATEX and so on).

We do installations only with our  in-house Technicians, qualified and regularly trained in Health and Safety; they have BOSIET, OPITO, HUET certifications in order to provide Off-Shore services. 

Supply of spare parts: we supply all materials and equipment as per project requirements, including the proper certificates.

Maritime Cook Islands

Maritime Cook Islands (MCI), including the office of the Registrar of Ships, is located on the island of Rarotonga. MCI is a Cook Islands-based company working internationally.

Molo Vecchio Marine

Molo Vecchio Marine Supply is the specialist company for Superyacht Equipment, Yacht and Shipyard Supplies and Services, providing worldwide yacht support by a team of professionals.

Calata Molo Vecchio
Mod. 2
16128 Genova yachtchandler.it

It has been supporting yachts worldwide for the past 15 years by supplying marine equipment, spares and various related services.


The headquarters based in Genoa in Marina Molo Vecchio, is one of the most equipped facilities for Superyachts in the heart of the yachting industry area, and allows us to work closely with the crews to face and meet the day-to-day needs. With programmed containers of goods imported from USA, we are continuously expanding our commercial product portfolio to satisfy our clients’ needs, whether they are yachts or shipyards.


An extended network of stores in Imperia and La Spezia along with a strong commercial presence in Monaco and the French Riviera makes Molo Vecchio Marine Supply the reference company and the one-stop-shop for our Customers.



A tradition spanning hundreds of years.

The Natoli family boasts a tradition of goldsmithing spanning three centuries. In 1915 the family opened its first jewellery shop in Genoa, and they have been working with unique, precious jewels in their goldsmith’s workshop ever since.

Via XX Settembre 137/r
16121 Genova natoligioielli.com

The Natoli collections embrace the family’s passion for the art of making jewellery. All of the pieces are crafted by hand, exquisitely cared for down to the finest detail, in sought-after, exclusive designs.


Whether creating an exclusive piece of jewellery, restoring a vintage ring or modernising a dated piece of jewellery, the Natoli Workshop follows a precise production process, from the design to the manufacture of the piece, taking exquisite care over every detail with their precision and expertise. When you think about jewellery, you think about art, culture, traditions, fashion, style and trends. There are no rules, generational barriers or rigid stylistic doctrines in the jewellery world.


Natoli jewellery is timeless, it defines those special moments and experiences and it accompanies us through all the happy moments in our lives. Natoli jewellery holds a world of emotions and bewitches anyone who sees it with its infinite, sophisticated beauty.


An historical family company, founded in 1875, Odone offers the finest linens for yachts.

Via Albaro 35r
16145 Genoa odonealbaro.it

Sheets, blankets, duvets and covers for the bedrooms; towels, bathrobes and mats for the bathroom; tablecloths, runners, napkins and placemats for dining; everything for guests and crew.


Curtains and covers for interiors and exteriors and sun/salt resistant covers for sponge sunbathing mattresses. Tailor-made, shaped, embroidered and personalized items.


We would be happy to come on board and then provide you with an accurate quotation and share our know-how and experience. We offer only the best quality and rapid turnaround times.

Radif 1820

Since 1820, when the company was established by Luigi Radif, the firm has been handed down from father to son for six generations, reaching a primary role in the delicate field of relations between producer and consumer.

Via San Lorenzo 52R
16123 Genova radif.it

In the 1920s, during the Golden Age of the Italian Liners, Radif, having already been in business for 100 years, produced and supplied porcelain plates and accessories for the most beautiful liners of the time, writing a very important chapter of its history.


A private museum in the company headquarters in Genoa has some original pieces belonging to these extraordinary porcelain services on display. Radif today designs and produces its own brand porcelain products – as well as glass and cutlery – for the HoReCa business.


Through a large commercial network and managing special customers such as hotel chains or shipping companies directly from its headquarters, Radif aspires to give all restaurant operators the possibility of creating their own personal table style.


By bridging 73 years of family tradition with the latest in terms of printing innovation, RIMETA has become the first complete service provider tied to the high-end yachting industry. A solid and trustworthy relationship between RIMETA and its clients, lies as a testament to the Company’s proficiency.

Via C.R. Ceccardi 4/41
16121 Genova rimeta.it

Genoa, 1946. A small family run typography, rich in noisy machinery, lead based fonts and ink drenching fragrances marks the beginning of a 73 year long road towards perfection. RIMETA’s history starts here. Today, while jealously preserving these memories in their original wooden cases – as a shrine to its heritage – RIMETA has embraced a new path, one made of proficiency and expertise in the latest printing technologies and integrated communication solutions for its clients, consolidating its standing as the first service provider for the high-end yachting industry.
From Event Management, Graphic Design and Merchandising to PR, Media Relations Management and dedicated Communication strategies, RIMETA is able to deliver cutting edge solutions for the needs of a luxury driven and ever-growing nautical sector. RIMETA cherishes the clients need to balance quality, timing and budget and – thanks to its in-depth knowledge of materials, techniques and a trusted network of reliable partners – is able to deliver as if it were the customer himself. RIMETA believes in long term projects, interpersonal relationships and establishing a high level of trust and confidence with both internal and external stakeholders. The company’s aim is to become the decentralized “go-to” resource for all Communication and Marketing Divisions: an external reassurance able to manage and deliver on all communication needs. Ultimately, RIMETA sells experience and guarantees a hassle free path from brief to delivery.

Yacht Uniform

Yacht Uniform is a company that deals in the professional and specialized supply of uniforms and workwear for yachts

Yacht Uniform
Corso Italia 15
16035 Rapallo (GE) yachtuniform.com

Thanks to the association with another company owned by the group, Tecnoricami sas also based in Rapallo, Yacht Uniform is able to provide a customization of the clothers items by using of industrial machines and different operators, who work daily in the creation of logos, lettering and similar.

Embroideries and silk-screen prints are executed professionally and quickly thanks to our equipment which puts us in a position to operate for our customers with great flexibility.

Normally we operate from Viareggio to Nice but we can ship to ports around the Mediterranean, reaching places even outside of this geographical area. Our willingness to come on board to agree directly with the Captain uniform items and crew measurements allows the creation of a relationship that ensures the success of the supply without any fit problems.

Yachts, dealerships nautical and prestigious shipyards already use our services. By choosing Yacht Uniform you are guaranteed to:
– Have elegant uniforms for evening service on board for both men and women;
– Use specific clothing for work in the ER or galley;
– Have customized terry bathrobes and towels;
– Have uniforms to use at boat shows